Get the swiss army knife of media conversion (it's free!)

20 April 2016, 05:25

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Every now and again an app comes along that’s so incredibly useful and good at what it’s designed for that we have to share it here at Mac Kung Fu. Adapter is just such an example. It can convert any kind of media into any other kind of media. Oh, and it’s entirely free of charge with no limitations.

For example, you could use Adapter to convert a video file from one format into a different video file format. Or you could use it to convert the video into an audio file – useful for music videos. Or you could convert the video into a series of images. You could turn a series of images into a video – and much more.

Take a look at this diagram from Adapter’s website that explains it clearly:

Main feature illustration

All you need do is drag the original file onto Adapter’s window, then select the output format from the dropdown list. Conversion is quick and fuss-free, and you’re shown a preview that allows you compare the export and the original.

Adapter can do other things too, such as hardcode subtitles onto video files. It really is just about everything you need for converting media files. Maybe one day OS X (or “MacOS”) will have this kind of thing built in but until then Adapter should be considered a mandatory installation.

Main feature illustration

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