Get the classic MacOS wallpaper tiles

24 August 2016, 06:56

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Some people say to me, “What do you do in the long Summer months when you can’t think up a decent tip for Mac Kung Fu?” And I say…

Here’s how to get the classic MacOS wallpaper tiles. I’m not sure which version of MacOS these are from (7? 9?) but they’re a lot of fun, even if they are a little like a cheese grater on the eyes. On a Retina screen they still look very good.

  1. Head over here and download the archive file offered. Unarchive it on your Mac.
  2. And then head over here and download ClippingSticker.
  3. Open ClippingSticker by right-clicking it and selecting Open, then Open from the dialog box that appears.
  4. Set ClippingSticker to GIF or PNG (up to you), then drag all the wallpaper images on top of it.
  5. The tile wallpaper images will now be converted to image files. Just open System Preferences, click Desktop & Screensaver, then drag the one you like on top of the screen preview and select Tile from the dropdown list alongside.

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The link to download the tiles’ archive si no longer working… does anybody know where can I get it?


— Victor Bottacco · Sep 21, 04:57 AM · #

Try this link.

The images are already converted to PNG files.

Keir · Sep 21, 05:26 AM · #

They’re from 7.5, and first only on the Performas (sold to consumers at stores like Sears).

— Paul McGrane · Sep 21, 09:46 PM · #