Get VMware Fusion Pro 8 entirely free – and it's legit, too!

31 August 2016, 07:16

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UPDATE: It appears the offer has now been closed.


We’re not entirely sure why but VMware is currently offering a free license for the VMware Fusion Pro 8 virtualization app. All you have to do is go here and supply your email address. Then, allegedly, you’ll be sent a license code within 24 hours.

We’ve no idea how long this’ll last for, so get over there now!

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Got my license a few hours after requesting. The license is good until Jan 2018.

— Dre C · Aug 31, 02:31 PM · #

It looks like they may have given free v8 upgrades to people with v7 licenses, too. I coincidentally logged in to re-download yesterday, and the only thing I could find associated with my account was v8. I haven’t had a chance to install and try it, to confirm that I actually have a license and it’s not just a glitch.

In any case, I suspect this is in response to MS’s recent announcement about Hyper-V licensing.

Nat · Sep 1, 08:57 AM · #

Nevermind—it was either a glitch or poor UI design. I still only have a license for v.7.

Nat · Sep 7, 06:00 AM · #