Flashlight button greyed out? Here's the fix

4 March 2017, 04:10

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Recently I needed to use the flashlight on my iPhone, so swiped-up the Notification Center and saw that the flashlight icon was greyed out. Tapping it did nothing. Puzzling, to say the least. But it transpired the cure was pretty simple.

Just double-click the Home button to open the task manager, find the Camera app, and quit it by sliding it upwards and off the screen. If this doesn’t fix the issue then quit all open apps (yeah, this might take a minute or two).

The issue is caused by an app keeping “open” the camera component of the iPhone, even though the app itself has been backgrounded while you do other things. Because the camera component might require the flash, which is the same LED as the flashlight, Apple doesn’t allow the flashlight to be used while the camera is in use.

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