Everybody relax: Louis Rossmann isn't being sued (probably)

2 July 2016, 00:57

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Unauthorised Apple repair guy, YouTuber and all-round good guy Louis Rossmann has created a new video following yesterday’s explosive revelation that he might possibly, maybe, perhaps be sued by somebody (possibly a fruit-themed technology firm).

In the new video, embedded below, Louis says that, yes, it was indeed Apple’s legal counsel who contacted him but, no, he probably isn’t getting sued. In fact, the folks at Apple LIKE his channel.

We’ll let Louis explain in a brief transcript from the video:

Right now I’m not getting sued… I was contacted by Kilpatrick and Townsend [actually Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP], which is an intellectual property law firm that represents Apple, and they did have some stuff to say about some of the content I put on YouTube. …

I didn’t do a good job of expressing what exactly what was going on. I did a pretty piss-poor job of expressing what was going on , and I’m sorry for that. …

There was an issue with some video with the schematic – not surprised there – and they said they’re a fan of the channel. And you have to understand how I’m still kind of digesting that, and bringing myself to a point where I can believe that to be true …

I did not know if they had a small issue with my channel, or a big issue with my channel, and to be honest with you I still don’t know what it is. And because it’s Independence Day weekend I’m not going to know until next week, and that sucks. …

From everything my attorney told me, they’re actually very friendly people who were reaching out for some friendly reason. I still don’t know all the details.

Louis’ reaction was partly based on what happened to a friend of his, whose entirely legitimate repair store was raided by customs and immigration. He had also wondered whether his lobbying for the Right to Repair bill might’ve invoked Apple’s ire. Apple allegedly fought against the bill.

Louis also criticises certain news sources and blogs that reported he was being sued, as if it were an established fact. Here at Mac Kung Fu we held back stating anything for sure, merely making educated guesses as to what might be the situation (and we were entirely correct, to be fair), but we felt it was a matter that needed to be brought to the public’s attention sooner rather than later.

Several individuals began creating archives of Louis’ YouTube videos which, considering some are 4K 60fps quality, involved quite a bit of disk space, download time and effort. One irked YouTuber points out in a comment response to Louis’ latest video: “Damn I was worried. Torrented and seeded the videos.”

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For some of us (me in particular) this article means almost nothing. A guy with a YouTube channel was contacted by Apple lawyers. There was no explanation of what his channel is about, he might produce how-to-repair videos, he might be showing technical schematics of how to build your own phone. The author makes a lot of assumptions about the audience’s knowledge of this guy. As someone who has never heard of him or his channel this was a poorly written story.

— Scott · Jul 2, 05:29 AM · #

Just wanted to keep my previous comment in context. The story showed up on my Apple News feed by itself, so if this is a follow up to a previous article on the Mac Kung Fu site it is unknown to me.

— Scott · Jul 2, 05:56 AM · #

Scott, come on – the link to the original story is right there hyperlinked in the first paragraph! There’s a reference to “yesterday’s explosive revelation” – so many you want to find out what that is?

I suppose I could make it absolutely clear – adding something like “Click here to learn more” – but this is the 21st century and people have been using the web for many years. Hand-holding like that isn’t appreciated.

Keir · Jul 2, 07:49 AM · #

Man I don’t know if being sued by Apple is necessarily a bad thing, look at the huge upside tons of publicity and it shines a light on Thier ptactics. I love this channel and watch it religiously , Louis rossman macbook repair is just a part of it, I actually started listing because he dealt on a much more personal level, and seems incredibly honest , and is a perfect symbol of a thriving new York culture and I can’t tell you how many times he made me laugh my ass off.

thomas Ellis · Oct 22, 10:12 AM · #