Closing a window full of tabs WITHOUT quitting the app

6 December 2016, 09:00

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Here’s a question for you – using only a keyboard shortcut, how do you close a window full of tabs but without quitting the entire app? Now that macOS Sierra makes such heavy use of tabs, this is an interesting question with a potentially useful answer.

Once upon a time Cmd+W did the trick but in a window full of tabs this only closes the current tab. You could repeatedly hit it until all the tabs are closed but there’s an easier solution:


It’s as easy as that. Any other windows for that app will stay open, and the app won’t quit. All that’ll happen is that the current window full of tabs will close (and all the tabs will also close obviously).

Should you want to instantly reopen the window+tabs that you just closed, Shift+Cmd+T will work in some apps like Safari.

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