Charge your iPhone without the chime or buzz

16 April 2017, 14:15

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Here’s a quick tip. Sometimes I go to bed after my wife is asleep and, of course, I plug my iPhone into charge on the nightstand. Alas, it chimes when I attach the Lighting cable, and my wife wakes up. Thinking myself clever the following night I set the phone to silent mode via the side switch but, ah, Apple’s engineers are way ahead of me because the phone then vibrates when I attach the Lightning cable. And the BUZZ BUZZ noise wakes my wife up.

The quick and simple solution if you want silent charging? Swipe left on the lock screen to activate the camera and then plug in the Lighting cable. No chime. No buzz. Then press the Home button to return back to the lock screen.

This works if the phone is unlocked too. Just open the Camera app, attach the Lightning cable, and then close the Camera app.

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This is infuriating. 10 years of iPhone and we’re still reduced to this level of work around. Do not disturb should be enough, but no.

Thank you for this tip, I’ll definitely be using it, I dont like waking up my wife, Mark either.

Ian · Apr 16, 09:59 PM · #

You could also search for the Silent Plug app!

Ray Arnold · Apr 27, 06:06 AM · #

This did not work on my iPhone 6 Plus.

— Eve · Apr 27, 06:18 AM · #

Doesn’t work on iPhone 6 either.

— ROGER · Apr 27, 08:13 AM · #

this didn’t work for me either – iPhone 5c

— Allyson · May 7, 07:38 AM · #

Doesn’t the mute switch silent that sound?

— Greg · Jan 18, 12:39 PM · #