Can't login to public Wi-FI? Here's a fix

26 January 2017, 09:30

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A lot of public Wi-Fi services use a pop-up login window, where after connecting you enter your credentials (or pay for access). You might find your Mac (or iPhone/iPad) is able to make a connection to the Wi-Fi but for some reason the login window doesn’t appear. The result is that you’re essentially not online – webpages will show as being unavailable.

The solution is simple – once connected to the public Wi-Fi service, just visit the following page:

You might want to bookmark this link so it’s always available. If you click it now while already connected to a working network connection all you’ll see is the word “Success”. However, if the Mac or iOS device isn’t able to reach the page – and it won’t if you aren’t logged in properly to the public Wi-Fi service – then it should cause the Wi-Fi login pop-up window to appear.

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