Apple TV guide for Brits: Setup and everyday use

6 July 2016, 06:13

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Macworld in the UK has just published my guide to getting the most from the Apple TV if you live in the former-European country. (Ooh, harsh. I voted “remain”, by the way.)

To be honest, nearly all the coverage of the Apple TV so far as been US in origin, and it’s a radically different experience in that country compared to others when it comes to TV program(mes). They’re into cord-cutting, for example, and for many other western countries that’s still a dream. I wish those who wrote about the Apple TV would bear this kind of thing in mind, but they don’t. In fact, I think my piece may well be the only UK-specific guide to the Apple TV that’s been published professionally.

Anyway, do take a look if you’re in the UK and either have an Apple TV, or are thinking of getting one. I provide a listing of the British/US channels you can get on the Apple TV, for example.

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