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How to create a macOS virtual machine easily — and for free

25 March 2017, 13:58

…of charge if you just want to install Linux or macOS as a virtual machine. It’s also quick and … legality. Here are the steps required to create a macOS virtual machine using Parallels Desktop Lite. … in the Mac App Store, search for the version of macOS that is installed on your Mac. For example, if … Note that once the download finishes the macOS installer will automatically start, but you … Linux. For some reason this doesn’t mention macOS, but using Parallels Desktop Lite to install …

Hidden macOS Sierra feature: Window stickiness

10 September 2016, 02:12

…haven’t spotted if you’ve upgraded to macOS Sierra. It’s pretty simple too. If you drag …

Hidden macOS Sierra feature: Two-space period

10 September 2016, 08:55

…capitalises the word that follows. With macOS Sierra all of this comes to the Mac and you can …

Usability hack: Click & drag anywhere in macOS windows to move them

7 July 2018, 02:15

…In macOS we click and drag the title bar of a window to … move it, as well? It turns out this is built into macOS High Sierra but it’s just not activated by … Corbin Dunn for sharing this trick. My favorite macOS hack: "defaults write -g …

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